Bailey's Restaurant and Lounge, History/Stories

The Birthplace of Bailey's Restaurant

Bailey's Restaurant building has borne witness to the growth and the seasons of Winnipeg. It has stood through the violence of the 1919 General Strike and the ravages of the 1950 Red River flood waters. It has witnessed the evolution of the most famous intersection in Canada, Portage and Main, and has seen the construction of the corporate towers at the heart of Winnipeg's business district. Today, Bailey's Restaurant Building still stands strong within the historic Exchange District at 185 Lombard Avenue.

Built in 1900 by banker W.F. Alloway, this building has been home to a parade of business tenants including the Manitoba Hospital Commission, Manitoba Health Services and even Great West Life until it was finally converted into a restaurant in 1971. Known then as Oliver's Restaurant and the Old Bailey's Lounge, some say its hospitable architecture attracted the attention of the Manitoba’s early Progressive Conservative Party and served as its club. Here, members could relax, enjoy fellowship and contemplate the Party’s future.

Today, century-old ghosts may still cross the threshold of Bailey's stately oak doors and mingle with its friendly staff and guests. They, like you, are infinitely welcome, since even after almost four decades, Bailey's management and staff sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you.